Saturday, 15 February 2014


Vol 28 Lowton Rubies part II


Perhaps, out of all of them, this is one of my favourite mistakes, even though it wreaked a deal of fury, there was a certain poetic justice to it.

So, here we are a few weeks down the line with a full team of enthusiastic thus far trainee rugby girls and, amazingly, on the horizon the prospect of a first proper match.

“Yep, I’ve definitely got a girls’ team,” assured Danny, the opposition coach convincingly, during one of the first of many super-long-phone-bill-inducing discussions, “meet us at Higher Fold on Sunday.”

That weekend, somewhat surreptitiously, since some of the girls’ dads were unaware of their daughters’ new found and not exactly genteel pastime, we made our way to the field to finally meet with the underhand Danny and his beefy band of fourteen colossal boys and one female sub, most of which not even of the right age group, never mind the gender.

Following a gritted teeth discussion, while posing for a pre-match photo, the girls valiantly decided nevertheless to play on.     Faced with the likes of Mad Mick - six foot four - it was no surprise that some of them developed elastic legs but determined, they battled angrily on, little Davids facing a gung ho Goliath with the final result a dignity-retaining 24:12.  

That evening, a journalist from the local Reporter phoned to elicit the outcome and finish his write-up and another lengthy chat took place during which he mistakenly (can’t think how that happened) received the impression that the girls had extraordinarily won the match, prompting the impressive, and humiliating for the deceitful Danny and his lads, headline that Friday in pride of front page place;